Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's been a rough day

Today, Mommy went away for several hours. We went to the big hospital again and we played and nursed lots and then, when I was asleep, Mommy left. Daddy kept offering me these awful bottle things full of her milk, but they were NOT the same! They were hard to drink out of and tasted funny. Not warm and fresh like I like. It wasn't too bad and I slept a lot of the time she was gone, but when she came back, she wouldn't nurse me! I cried and cried, telling her I needed to nurse, but she was acting funny and just lying there in bed--then pumped out some of that milk I wanted! Why?

It was pretty bad, but thankfully, our friend came up and offered me her milk for a little while as Mommy got better. It was different, but I was so grateful! I knew other people had milk in there! Her daughter and I talked about it afterwards--she thought it was odd seeing someone else nurse her Mommy, I thought it was strange nursing someone else's mommy, but not at all bad! I was very happy to have it! A little bit later, when I got hungry again, my Mommy was able to give me yummy milk again and I was so relieved!