Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My First Independence Day

Today was a big day. We drove a long time down to the group of parents Mommy is a part of because they were having a big party. There were lots of kids there and I saw a bunch of kiddie fireworks. Mommy and Daddy barbecued and I got to have some--yummy chicken! There was a room with lots of fun new toys to explore. I sat on a ride-on toy by myself for the first time and it was fun until I moved it, then I wanted off! Then, when it got dark out, we sat down next to my friend Natalee and her family and Natalee and I played together a little bit, then all these big booms started happening with loud music. It was great! I loved the flashes in the sky. I got a little tired, though, and nursed to sleep for a few minutes, but Mommy woke me up so I wouldn't miss too much. Poor Natalee slept through pretty much the whole thing! Then we had another long drive and came home. Whoo! What a big day!