Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My First Concert

That was LOUD! This morning, we got up and did a bunch of running in the car, which ended in me getting a new onesie with one of my favorite bands on it--KoRn! Then, Aunt Neenee came over and we went on a long drive. That's okay, because she kept me entertained. After, we got out and we went to this loud place that told Mommy she couldn't take her camera--which made her upset, but she took pictures with her cell phone. She says if she ever figures out how to get them on the computer, I can post them here. Daddy went and watched the music while we hung out in some shade and had a picnic and some fun. Lots of people came by to tell me I was so cute and ask who I was there to see. Mommy told them that I was there to see KoRn. And one of the crew teased us and said I should go on stage with them! Mommy, aunt Neenee and Daddy all thought that would be great.

Later, I was getting really tired, but it was so exciting I couldn't fall asleep while we were standing. I couldn't see well enough, so Mommy climbed high so I could see better. I watched Evanescence for a while, then security made us get down. Finally, Mommy had tried walking around (and I felt better after she took me into the mister and then came back and nursed me again) and then put me in the stroller and I fell asleep. When I woke up, we were sitting in some seats and KoRn was playing my favorite song, Coming Undone!

I would have liked it better if I wasn't so sleepy, but I still got into the groove and danced away. Some loud guy (Daddy said he was drunk, whatever that is) was yelling about how cool I was (which I had heard all day). I got to nurse and dance for the rest of the concert and Mommy got up and danced with me at the end.

Then we left and went to Denny's, where I ate some crackers and cheese and played in the booth, then we went home. I'm ready for some play now, although Mommy and Daddy say they're exhausted! Old people, really!


The first time I went swimming, I didn't like it at all! But this time was great. I even tried to swim around, although sometimes I'd get too excited and get water in my face! I don't like that! But other than that, it was lots of fun and I got to be there with a bunch of other kids, many my age!

Water Lilly

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