Monday, March 12, 2007

My favorite games

I love playing games! I make up my own. There's one I really like that Mommy calls "Oh My God, it's on my face!" where I put something over my face, then pull it off and grin. It's fun! I freak out for a second when it's touching my face and hold my breath, then I remember I can pull it off. I'm so silly!

Now that I can say Dada's name, I like to lay there and babble it. He thinks it's great and so does Mommy. I'm experimenting with saying Daddy, too, because I know he likes that better, but it's easier to say Dada. You know, that kinda sounds like diaper, too... I think I'll use it for both!

I also like to roll around and reach for things. That's fun. I like that I can get stuff around me now so I'm not having to always wait for Mommy or Daddy to figure out that I want a toy. And I love that I've learned how to grab my feet! Fun times, fun times.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

I said my first word!

I said "Dada!" Everyone is so proud of me!