Thursday, September 6, 2007


Today, I had a lot of fun! We had a play date scheduled just for us babies (well, Zeke brought his big brother and big sister, but that's okay).
It was cool having Zeke and Nicky there to play with! Usually, I'm surrounded by older kids. Nicky stayed the longest and we enjoyed hanging out together, although we were both late for our naps and he got really tired!
I was pretty tired, but I'm good at hiding it. My motto is play "Play play, you can sleep another day!" Nicky and I pulled down books from the shelves, traded Thomas the Train toys and our Mommies sat and talked for two and a half hours!

Afterwards, we went to Sarah and Rebecca's house and I got annoyed because everyone kept thwarting me in my adventures in tasting everything from the floor! But then there was a really soft carpet and it was fun to snuggle on (although it was scary at first--but not scary like Sarah's dog! yikes!). Then we went home. Fun times!