Sunday, August 5, 2007

Another day, another tooth!

Today, we went on a long drive to get back our bird. Mommy and Daddy said he was very sick. I like him, he's funny, so I'm glad he's back. Well, today I also got my fourth tooth! We tried to go to the mall to play, but it was so crowded that we left without me ever getting out of the stroller. I fell asleep in the car--Mommy won't nurse me in the car seat anymore. I don't understand it! She says it's too hard to reach me and I kick her too much. It makes me sad. But when we went to a store, she took me with her and played with me and set me in a soft chair. After we left, I got to nurse in the front seat with her, which I liked because I could stare at Daddy, too, but then back in my car seat. I don't like my car seat--being strapped down where I can't stand and play makes me unhappy. Even with my binky and a dozen of my favorite toys, it doesn't make up for that awful seat. Plus, it puts me to sleep! I don't like that! I want to see everything!

Well, I've taken my bath and tried to go to bed once already, but I just wasn't ready. So Mommy says we're going to try again soon.

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