Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Day I was Born

This blog will be in the format of my daughter's guessed thoughts and feelings as big milestones happen to her. I'm going to write in in first person for her, to keep a record of her first years of life for her. I'm starting with the day she was born.

Wow, I've had a weird day. I don't even know how to describe it. First, I was floating around, like usual, warm and content although those strange compressions were surrounding me. They kept pushing me down into something hard. I tried to push into it, too, but it just wasn't happening! Then, all the liquid I was in left! I started getting really uncomfortable--I felt heavy and squished and at one point, I got really dizzy and my heart slowed down a lot. Then, just as I thought I might be able to get past that hard place, something strange happened.

Hands wrapped around me and pulled me into a cold, dry, quiet, BRIGHT place like nothing I'd ever experienced! I started crying and I heard that voice I know so well. I'm not sure what she was saying as they shoved something down my throat and rubbed me all over. The man who took me out said "That's a big baby!" I don't know what he meant, I was only 8 lbs, 7 oz and 19 3/4 inches long. Sure, my head didn't seem to fit in that hard place, but I think if I'd had a little more time, it might have.

I saw a lot of weird new sights, all blurry and then I think I heard the voice I knew (I'm assured that was Mommy) ask "Does she look like a pug?" What's a pug? Daddy said "No, she's beautiful!" A strange feeling took up in my stomach and on top of having to use my lungs and everything else for the first time, my mouth seemed to want to suck, so I rooted in the air.

They took me away and Daddy came with me as they gave me a bath, which I hated, cut open my foot repeatedly and basically just tortured me. I don't know why all this happened, but then I was taken to a room with Mommy in it and her doula friend. My tummy was starting to really bug me now and someone helped Mommy show me how to eat. EATING! I can't describe this! It's so wonderful, I love it so much! Afterwards, I fell asleep and felt good and snuggled with Mommy.

When I woke up, I felt those tummy rumblings again and I touched my mouth with my fingers and Mommy knew what to do! I'm so glad, because I couldn't remember what it meant! I'm learning it's something called 'hunger'. It means I get wonderful breastmilk and I get so happy!

Well, since I'm a newborn, I'm very tired now and I think I'll go nurse to sleep.

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